Try a massage at Lufkin Med Spa!

Multiple Massage Styles
Tailored to your specific needs
Texas State-Licensed Professionals

*Please speak to our therapist specifically about areas of pain, tension, or injury before your session to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment!

Our massage therapist is a trained professional who will know exactly how to help you feel the best. The therapist will know how to treat everything from muscle tension to back pain or just give you some time to relax.

Massage therapy can help by getting your body back into its proper alignment. Massage therapy loosens and relaxes the muscles that have been tensed through poor posture, thus allowing the body to naturally re-position itself in a more natural and pain-free way. Also, massage therapy will increase joint flexibility and movement, further relieving pressure points. So, massage actually corrects posture by allowing your body to disengage from positions and movements developed through reacting to pain.

The benefits listed above are just a few and there are many more. Massage can help to greatly increase the quality of your life, reduce pain, decrease stress and make you happier and healthier in general. Contact us today and book an appointment!


Relaxing Massage

60 minute relaxing massage- $75

90 minute relaxing massage-$110


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minute deep tissue massage-$75

90 minute deep tissue massage- $110


Prenatal Massage

60 minute prenatal massage-$85

90 minute prenatal massage- $125