Laser Hair Removal

Sciton BBL Bare Laser Hair Removal

Our Sciton BBL Bare laser is used for permanent hair removal. It’s enhanced power provides virtually pain free and reliable results in half the time of other lasers!


Increased Safety
The Sciton BBL Bare laser is far more stable and uniform than other laser wavelengths used for hair removal. This results in a system that has safer and more effective results. It even has a powerful erbium crystal tip cooling system to minimize pain and reduce the risk of burning.


Flexible and Effective

Sciton BBL Bare’s easy-to-use technology and enhanced safety features make it one of the best treatments to delegate to staff. Treatments are fast, comfortable, and effective for clients. The device’s extra-large spot sizes and the ability to switch between different wavelengths—an independent 810 nm or the unique “Blend Technology” with 810, 940, and 1060 nm—allow providers to treat patients of most complexions and hair types. Patients report higher comfort levels thanks to Bareit‘s integrated contact crystal cooling at 5 °C that keeps skin cool and comfortable.