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Cosmetic Injectables

Neurotoxin Injectables- Dysport (Botox)

Fine lines and wrinkles are among the most common complaints we hear. While aging is natural, Lufkin Medspa wants to help you look and feel the best for your age. That’s why we offer wrinkle relaxers, such as Dysport. Dysport is a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment used to reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, among many other therapeutic uses. Dysport is a type of botulinum and the cosmetic form of Dysport is a purified version of botulinum approved for use by the FDA. It is a liquid treatment designed to reduce, and even eliminate, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a younger-looking appearance to your face.

When the facial muscles start to contract again, wrinkles and fine lines return. It is normal for the muscles to gain movement again, but getting regular anti-aging treatments may make the effects last longer. Most women and men start using Dysport treatments when they notice wrinkles and lines on the forehead, between and around the eye area.

Derma Fillers- Restylane

It’s no secret that aging can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and a loss of volume in the face. Anti-aging treatments like facial fillers can help turn the clock back on our skin. Facial fillers are injections that rejuvenate and smooth out the skin.

Depending on the filler being used, the dermal filler results can last as long as two years and produce temporary results similar to those of surgery. The facial filler procedure is minimally invasive with no recovery time to interrupt your everyday routine. The healing process is fast, and patients can resume their regular activities almost immediately after treatment.

*All injectable procedures are performed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner to ensure your safety